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Artist Development

Program Instructor: Chris Belmont

Group Class Price: TBD

Group Classes available. Please sign the mailing list here to find out when the next group session will be available.

Group Classes: Group Classes are held in two locations: the studio and a live performance studio. Students will be instructed over the coarse of 6 weeks. The following topics will be discussed.


[tabs][tab title=”Research“]

An artist needs to be aware and to have full knowledge of their gift. In order to obtain such knowledge they need research and study, not only other artists, genres, etc. but their own as well. Below is a list of topics in which we will focus on:

  • Understanding your talent
  • Knowing your abilities
  • Competition
  • Areas of focus/concentration

[/tab][tab title=”Vocal Coaching“]

An artist’s voice is the heart of their talent, thus one should know and embrace the limits and possibilities of that gift. Below is a list of topics in which we will focus on:

  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Pitch and Range
  • Maintenance of your gift

[/tab][tab title=”Performance Training“]

Typically, performing can come naturally for any artist. However, in this line of business, performance isn’t everything. An artist must know and embrace their particular style of performance and find, hone, and infuse the art of performance and ministry. Below is a list of topics in which we will focus on:

  • Stage Awareness
  • Stage Etiquette
  • Knowing your audience
  • Set Planning
  • Preparations before a performance choreography (if needed)

[/tab][tab title=”Media Training“]

Besides your music, this area is so vital to an artist because the media will ultimately define and communicate who you are to your target audience. It is necessary for an artist to fully know this aspect of the business. Below is a list of topics in which we will focus on:

  • How to communicate who you are to the public in a simple interview
  • Key sentences/words that describe your work (albums, photo shoot, video shoot, etc.)
  • The P’s and Q’s of public relations (mixers, pre-gig interviews, creating key business relationships with other artists and professionals in the business)

[/tab][tab title=”Etiquette“]

Christian artists are held to a higher standard than the average role model. You have a responsibility to your fans and other professionals to carry on your particular persona with integrity. We will give you some practical tools to accomplish this goal. Below is a list of topics in which we will focus on:

  • Learn to carry yourself as an artist
  • The artist etiquette 101 class on walking, talking, sitting, standing, taking pictures, signing autographs, etc.

[/tab][tab title=”Recording“]

Session training is the foundation of artist development. It is in the studio where you can find and embrace who you are as an artist. You are the scientist and the studio is your lab, and as a scientist you can test and solidify certain aspects of yourself and your ministry. Below is a list of criteria in which we will focus on:

  • What is your recording style?
  • Preparation before your session (production notes from last session, new lyrics, questions for new session, etc.)




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