Marz Performs “Incredible”

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Marz Ferrer has quickly become one of the go-to people in our scene for songwriting, vocal performance and hooks. In the past year alone, she has done songs with Andy Mineo, Beautiful Eulogy, Thi’sl, Social Club and SPZRKT. With her brother Manny on percussion and Joshua Kim on guitar, Marz performs her new single “Incredible.”

Vocals: Marz Ferrer (@MarzFerrer)
Guitarist: Josh Kim (@JoshKim81)
Drums: Manny Ferrer (FreequencyStudios)

Executive Produced by DJ Wade-O and JBeatz Xclusive
Footage Shot By Larissa Lamothe
Video Edited by Larissa Lamothe
Audio Edited by Chris Belmont for Jah Rock’n Productions
Graphic Design by JBeatz Xclusive for T38 Creations
Motion Graphics by Mwita Chacha for Mwendo LLC

[Studio Update] We just mixed and mastered some cool songs

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Check out Infiltrate Music’s own Hillary Jane. We mastered her debut single “Chimneys”.


Check out Me against the world by Fedel. We had the opportunity to mix this record as well!

The Wall of fame at JahRock’n Recording Studio

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JahRock’n Recording Studio – Wall of Fame

We started a new tradition here at JahRock’n Productions. We noticed that one of the most important things about making music is the experience of being in a space that inspires creativity and performance. Over the years, we have more stories that we can ever share about the happenings around and in the studio. So, in an effort to somehow cement our experiences into the fabric (in this case, sheetrock) of JahRock’n lure-we decided to start this tradition.

So, will you be the next name on the wall?


Live List:

  1. Sheena lee – @iamSheenaLee (Artist)
  2. Nadirah - (Artist)
  3. Heesun lee – @heesunlee (Artist)
  4. MC Jin – @heurneyto1459 (Artist)
  5. In my city records – @inmycityrecords - (Record Label)
  6. Jeremy Castro – @castroflow (CEO of In My City Records/ RCA Sony)
  7. Ray Castro (ray rock) – @IAmRayRock (Producer)
  8. Edgar Lagares (Edy Magic) – @edymagic (Producer/ Engineer)
  9. D will – @thetruedwill (Artist)
  10. Elias Gonzales – @eli_unyc (Booking Rep/ In My City Records)
  11. Kei-Landa – @kei_landa (Artist)
  12. Angie rose - @iamangierose (Artist)
  13. Gauge – @gauge77 (Artist)
  14. Adam Qwlz - (Artist)
  15. Melissa – @melissaa_dawn (Instagram) (Artist)
  16. Milla Santana – @milla_santana (Artist)
  17. Quest the wordsmith – @questwordsmith (Artist)
  18. Christian Lewis – @ohlewi (Artist)
  19. Chris Belmont  - @chrisbelmont
  20. Tiffani Knowles – @tiffaniknowles
  21. Andy Mineo – @andymineo (Artist)
  22. Black Night – @bkcreationz (Producer)
  23. DJ Wade-O – @wadeoradio (DJ)
  24. Koncept Beats – @konceptbeats (Instagram)(Producer)
  25. Nuelatheart – @nuelatheart (Artist)
  26. Jay Cabassa – @jaycabassamusic (Artist)
  27. Shanelle Gabriel – @shanelleg (Artist)
  28. Marz Ferrer – @marzferrer (Artist)
  29. GRATEFUL APPAREL – @gratefulapparel (Apparel Company)
  30. Lavoisier – @Lavoisier_GTHU
  31. …….and Counting
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